First of all, why I choose San Francisco? In my 2nd year, I had the choice to go everywhere in the world but I choose this city because I really think it’s the place to be. San Francisco is now well-known at the center of the Silicon Valley, more than Palo Alto or Mountain View. My objective before coming to this city was to discover what makes this region and particularly the Bay Area so special. Obviously, I have to say it’s a dream that come true. I always wanted to discover the American Way of Life, and the American Culture, because it has a big influence on our European Culture.

I arrived in San Francisco Wednesday the 13th April. I can say that the trip was very long; my first flight was from Toulouse to Amsterdam and the second to San Francisco. Globally, from my house to my flat in San Francisco, I had more than 22h of travel.

Even I was tired, the first impression that I had was a sense of grandeur. I come from a little town where there are no buildings, and when I arrived to San Francisco by the highway, I understand what a real American City is. San Francisco looks like really a beautiful city, it is wonderful, it’s a mixed between the sea with Alcatraz, the Golden Bridge, and the hills with Nob Hill, Russian Hill,.. I also saw the poor quarters around the Civic Center (where the United Nations were created), which constrasts with Sausalito for example.

My first day was not very interesting, I did all the stuff I need to do in order to enjoy my trip and have the best experience as possible. I bought an American Phone, a Clipper (bus, Cable Car, Muni at SF), but after this day I was ready for the Golden Gate City.
So now I’m impatient to share with you my discover of this beautiful city and this region, I will talk of my first visits in the my next article.

Hope you will enjoy !


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