As I explain in my description, I’m a sport addict. I always played rugby, and I like looking at all the sports. But, in San Francisco and generally in the USA, sports are very different than what we know in Europe.

In San Francisco, there are 3 important sports: the NFL, with the 49ers of SF, the NBA, with the Golden State Warriors, and the MLB, with the San Francisco Giants. And of course, since this year, a rugby team which plays in the first professional rugby championship in USA, the PRO Rugby North America. The year is divided in order to see every sport. Now the NBA season is almost over, but baseball just starts, and after it will be NFL, ect..



I will not talk about the NFL team in this article. Even I know and like this sport, the season is already over in April and I will not have the chance to see a match of the 49ers. The only thing I know is that football is very important here, because you can see a lot of people wearing clothes, jackets, or more often caps. Here it is the link if you want to buy articles from the 49ers.

I had the chance to see a match of the Giants against the Arizona Diamondbacks. I never saw a baseball game before but it was easy to understand and people are helpful if you have any question. I really see something different of what I had see in France. In USA, people are not coming to see a match, there are here to share a moment. Indeed, there are restaurants, bars, kid’s animations during the match. Of course, the match is during three hours so it’s hard to stay focused on the match but I was impressed by the show around the match. Baseball is also very famous here; the Giants won the World Series in 2012 and in 2014 so there are big expectations around the team for this year. When I’m writing those lines, they lose 7 games for only 1 win. But it’s not really important because there are 162 matches in a season, so there is almost a game by day from April to October. Here it is the link if you want to buy articles from the Giants.


The American sport I knew the most before I came to USA was the basketball. I grew up with the emergence of LeBron James, which changes the game as Michael Jordan did in the past. There was also Tony Parker, the first French guy who succeeds in NBA. And when you are in San Francisco, you have to talk about the Warriors! This team plays incredible since two years around the maestro Stephen Curry. After years of progression, last year Warriors made the surprise and won the NBA championship and Stephen Curry won the MVP (Most Valuable Player) title of the year. But this year was more impressive: the team beats the Bulls record in a regular season. They won 73 games and just lost 9 games, one game less than the Bulls of Michael Jordan. Stephen Curry is still on the top, and will win the MVP title for the second consecutive year. The objective for the team is now to win a new championship, and realize the “Back to Back”. Here it is the link if you want to buy articles from the Warriors.

Finally, I will talk of rugby. My favorite sport, the rugby, is arrived in North America. USA already has two god teams at XV and VII but it’s not very famous in USA. The first championship just started last week, and it’s really a revolution in USA. Even some US players are playing all around the world; they don’t have a championship in their country. It’s an event also for the rugby in general because it will open this sport to a new part of the world, which is a strategy of the International Rugby Board (we can see that also with the creation of the Argentinean team, the Jaguares). The San Francisco roster is composed of players from the entire world but the star is Mils Muliaina. He’s a former All Black, the NZ team, and played with the best players in the world as Dan Carter or Richie McCaw. He will bring his experience and his winning spirit to the team. Even it’s just the beginning of this championship, the potential market is huge. In USA, not a lot of people know about rugby. So, I will have the chance to see the first ever professional rugby match in San Francisco. It’s a real opportunity to meet former great players and to know what they think about this new championship. Here it is the link if you want to discover this new championship.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Antoine


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