Road Trip to the Lake Tahoe


When I came to USA, lot of people told me to go to Lake Tahoe. So, this weekend, with my friends, we rented a car and decided to go to the Lake.

But first, what is the Lake Tahoe? The Lake is the second deepest lake in the USA and the 10th in the world. He is world-known as the most beautiful lake in the USA, He was the property of the Indians until the 19th century when an american adventurer John Charles Fremont discoverd the lake. This lake has a surface elevation of 6 225 feets, that’s why you can see snow on the mountains.

Today, the Lake Tahoe is a tourist place, with winter activites, water games, and hiking and bicygling. Also, the lake is shared by two federal states: California and Nevada, and it’s really important. Indeed, in California, money games are forbidden whereas in Nevada (Las Vegas State), there are lot of casinos. It makes a difference because we were living in South Lake Tahoe, and you just have to cross the road and you will see 4 or 5 casinos just after the border. S it brings a lot of Californian to the Lake Tahoe. Here it is the link if you want to know more about the Lake Tahoe.


For our trip, we rented a car on Thursday afternoon.And what a car! A wonderful Dodge Charger as you can see on the photo.  We choose to rely on Hertz. Even the price was a little bit expansive, there was no problem with the car, and the employee was very helpful with us.

The trip to the Lake Tahoe is not very long, about 3h30 – 4 hours, but you have to be careful when you arrive near to the lake because the roads are not large, and if it’s raining or snowing, it’s difficult to drive.

When we arrived in South Lake Tahoe, we understood that we were in moutains. We left the sun of San Francisco, and we discovered the cold of Nevada. As you can imagine, Friday was also cold, and we had the chance to walk in the snow ! But, I have to say that the Lake Tahoe is wonderful. We drove all around the Lake and there are some awesome view points. The most interesting is may be Emerald bay, with its little island and the house on the beach.


On this little island, there is a house, which is in reality a tea house. It’s only open in summer, but I’m sure the view is beautiful. On the beach, a house was built by a richest woman in the 20th century. It’s something you need to see even it’s hard to go there, you need to love walking !

The Lake Tahoe tour is not very long, it’s about 150 miles (115 km), which permits to see everything in a day. Also, it permits to see a different American than we see in San Francisco. Here it is an America of woods, of litlle villages, and little restaurants. It was really beautiful to see how USA is wonderful.

Here it is the link if you want to visit the Lake Tahoe.


On the return to San Francisco, we passed by Sacramento city. I have to sa that there is not a lot of things to do in the city. There is no mountains ou sea, so it’s not a touristic city. We just passed but it doesn’t give me the idea to spend a week end there.

Here it is for today. Hope you enjoyed this post !






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