Some visits in San Francisco


I am in San Francisco for about one month. I had time to discover the city and today I want to tak about some visits I did.

On my first week, me and my friends went to the Golden Gate Bridge, the most famous bridge in California for sure. The bridge was built in a few years before the WW2, and it instantly became a symbol for the city. It was wonderful because this bridge is really the image of San Francisco. If you are telling to somebody in the world  what do you know about SF, the answer will certainly be the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s not the longest bridge (in fact it’s the Bay Bridge) but but it’s a required step for all tourists who pass by SF.

Here is a link if you want to know more about the Golden Gate Bridge.


Another thing you need to do if you come to SF is to visit the Dolores Park. It is the famous park of San Francisco. Lots of hippies were living there, and the atmosphere that prevails there is really quiet. As you can see on the photo, the view is incredible too. You see all the SF downtown and also the hills which circle the city. If you want to have a break in San Francisco, the Dolores Park is the place to be !

Know more about Dolores Park

San Francisco

I will now talk about another place which is very famous about San Francisco is Pier 39. Indeed, you can see a lot of navy seals, who came from the Pacific Ocean, entered in the bay. As you can see on the photo, there are a lot of these animals. To be honest, I was a litlle bit disappointed about this place because I thought it was more impressive. But, I don’t regret it, because Pier 39 is world-known famous.


And last but not least, in San Francisco, you must take the Cable Car! SF is the only city in the world which purposes this thing. Even if the price is expansive (7 dollars if you don’t have the Clipper), it’s impossible to leave San Francisco without taking a Cable Car. The Cable car was launched in 1873, with 23 lines. Nowadays, 3 lines are only remaining. They deserve principally Downtown, but also quarters you must see in San Francisco as Chinatown. I have the chance to take it everyday, and it’s really a great experience.It’s really historic to take the San Francisco Cable Car.

The official site of the Cable Car.


Finally, I didn’t have the time to do Alcatraz for the moment (and you have to book your place really early) but it will go there for sure. I did also other visits (Chinatown, Fisherman’s wharf, Muir Woords ect), but I will talk of them in a future article.

Hope you enjoyed this post!




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