A Sunday in the Silicon Valley

image On this Memorial Day weekend, I decided to go on the Silicon Valley on ordre to discover some american icons : The Stanford University, and  Apple & Google Headquarters.


My first stop was Stanford University. What an impression! Everybody knows that Stanford is one the most famous university here with great teachers. It was amazing to discover this great campus, with a lot of things to do. Also, I had the chance to see the athletics facilities and it’s very impressive. You feel that everything is done for your happiness and your success.

The campus is large, each department has their own library. Today, 20  Stanford teachers are also Nobel prices so you can easily understand the Stanford’s reputation.

In the former Stanford students, we can talk about JFK or Elon Musk for example.

Here it is a link of you want to know more about Stanford University

imageAfter Stanford, I went to the Apple Headquarters in Cupertino. Even it was closed on this Sunday, it was great to see where one of the biggest company in the world grew up.

I saw the Apple Store, with the last Apple innovations. It was full of people and I did the “infinite loop” around the office. You can see the Steve Jobs influence, particularly in the Infinite 4, where they are photo and quotes of the Apple founder.

To be honest, I was surprising there. I imagined something really big, and it was not so impressive. There are just offices, you don’t feel involve in the Apple company.

If you want to know more about the Infinite Loop, it’s here!


I just told about my little deception at the Apple Headquarters. But, a few minutes later, I was at the Google Headquarters – The Googleplex- and what a difference!

First, Google office is bigger than Apple’s one. It’s really a city in Mountain View. Everything in the city is turned to Google.

Moreover, when you are at the Googleplex, you can check everything you heard about daily work there. There are free cafeterias, free bars, but also a beach volley ground, a soccer place.

Also, you really feel the Google experience with the Google Store and the Android sculptures !

Finally, I only spent one day in the Silicon Valley but I saw a lot of things. I prefered what I had seen at Google, it was more interesting in my opinion!

Learn more about the GooglePlex

That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed this post. And let’s go Warriors for the NBA finals !



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