End of the trip

imageHi everybody,

It’s almost the end of my trip so here it is some feedback about my experience.


First of all, I obviously did classes at Inseec. It was great I met great people with differents backgrounds . I also had the chance to visit some interesting places in San Francisco and around. I comeback to France with a lot of great memories, because I went to Giants game, Warriors game and it was such a great experience.

If you want to discover Santa Cruz !


Moreover, I acquired some professionnal skills. I learnt about coding, something I never did before but it was great and I have to say that I like it! I think I will continue to code in France.

My first attempt to coding!

I discovered some innovations in the financial sector, the sector that interested me. I learned about Square, and other companies which have great ideas. I had the chance to participate in some meetups thanks to Meetup.com or the Eventbrite app. I saw some product pitches and I really changed my mind about how to present a product.


Last but not least, I comeback to France with a biggest network. I met a lot of people, I can’t count how many. It began of course by my teachers here, but also guest lecturers we had during our experience here.

Blog of Andreas, one of my teacher

I also talked with some entrepreneurs in finance, and I didn’t think they were all these opportunities in this sector. Silicon Valley is in advance for years compare to France.

I met some people with other backgrounds : I met a Facebook developer, who is also a former employee of Apple & Google ! We went to Google one day, and I discovered some great innovations I can’t talk about unfortunately. Finally, I also spoke with the public relations director of the Golden State Warriors and it was so great to talk with somebody who is really in the sports industry.


To conclude, I want to thanks everybody who were following me during these months abroad. Even if I have thousant of other stories to Tell, I tried to make it short.

This blog is also a school project but I had pleasure to write it !

So THANKS SAN FRANCISCO for these unforgettable three months.

See you soon,



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